From the recording Leavin' Prophetstown

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1)You know that baby, shes a part of me
some people say if you cut her, they believe i would bleed-shes been beside me,right or wrong-thru thick and thin,weak or strong
2) when i come home late at night, we dont ever fight-she dont ask me where I been-where i been all night-Cause shes right here,every night here,just resting on my knee-shes not always everything i want, but sometimes shes everything i need. BRIDGE
Time can tear,tear anything down-like this man, this home or this town-but theres a place i can go to, where i know i belong-cause when shes hangin on my shoulder, I just cant do no wrong-cant do no wrong
3) When the night is over, its 3 in the morning-we always leave together,just her and me-baby's tired,as can be,but she never gets old on me.-she plays my songs,all night long, so sweet-ly, just for me
you know that baby,shes a part of me. Sometimes,shes not everything i want, but shes everything-shes everything I need