I'm a singer/songwriter,multi-instrumentalist and a journeyman of the Rock, Blues and Funk scene for decades. Early in my music career, I toured as a drummer/vocalist in many states around the U.S. but I have always been a guitarist and a songwriter.

After many years of gigging with both original and cover bands, I took a sabbatical from traveling, choosing to play primarily in the Midwest for both original and cover bands while raising a family.

By 2004. I had written about 30 songs and in 2005, I began recording some of them for my first solo CD. After its release, I formed a band of my own as guitarist and frontman, to promote the music.

 As of 2016, there's been 2 more CD releases. They are titled, " Short and Sweet" and  "Leavin' Prophetstown", which has included contributions from multiple Grammy winners Leland Sklar, Tim McDonald, Bobby Scumaci and Erik Scott. In 2017, I received a Grammy nomination.

I have been blessed by having such wonderfully kind and generous friends inside and outside the industry and all across America. Thank you all for helping me and supporting me for so long.

Please continue to support all live music by attending shows and buying the music of original artists whose music you love.There will be many live performances coming as well as lots of new music releases so stay tuned !