From the recording Leavin' Prophetstown

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1)Yes, I paid my bill, and I've had my fill
And it's time for me- to start- headin down
Grabbed my bags, and I’m racin'--To the Grey hound station
On the west side of this broken town
yes im leavin, leavin Prophetstown.
2) My home-the wrong side of the city- Just a town-that had no pity
No reason to stay-------nothin’ left here, anyway
,No stoppin-can’t tempt me- With a life that’s sad and empty
Gotta be gone-- gotta be strong—Cause I don’t belong (Somewhere I don’t belong.)
And I’m never –goin’ back-to Prophetstown
(bridge)Cant you see.theres no life for me here
Just the same old misery-- sadness and fear
All them bridges are burnin, and there ain't no turnin
no turnin back, back to Prophetstown
(SOLO)- then,repeat bridge with solo riffs included)
3) Well, theres nothin’ keepin’ me here, I don't even have a tear
for all the poor souls and their hearts full of holes
Don't look like they're hurting or might be desertin'
But one thing I know,It cant keep me down no more
(That place had a hold on me,for certain)
But now,I'm leaving, leaving Prophetstown