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I’ve been away-for too long
Tonite im comin’ back-I’m comin’ back home
You know that I’ve been dreamin and sho-nuff wishin
To hear you say,” sweet daddy,I’m missin-----all your kissin’
It seems this road just lasts forever-sometimes it seems,like I’ll never
Be home in time to put the babys down,to hell with the dishes
Let me hear you say,daddy,sweet,darlin’, I’m missin all that kissin’
Solo over the top of A VERSE AND CHORUS
Turn the tires up,that last hill- the candle’s burnin’ upon the window sill
She’s wearin’ nothing but that pretty white cotton dress and standin’ in the kitchen
Let me hear you say,”Baby,baby, baby, baby,- I’m missin---all your kissin