1. Love Mansion
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No, I ain’t got much money- I don’t drive a brand new Cadillac
The place I live,is down below that hill- you just might call it a shack
But I offer you is real lovin’- Got be all true love or nothing
I know that might give you too much-satisfaction
But you and me can live in my- love mansion
(Chorus)Come on here,let me drive you crazy
This here love ‘ll make you fat and lazy
Cuz this house ain’t made of glass and wood
Let me show you love,like a good man should
Solos, then repeat chorus)

Never had a hand- on a dollar bill-don’t drive ‘round in limousines that are champagne filled
As long as love me, baby, as long as you can. Cuz forever, I will
what I offer you is real lovin- I got that soul food cooking in the oven
I know that might not bring the right kind- of reaction,but you and me can live in my love mansion