1. Burnin' Up
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Well the joint was a rockin’ baby-you could hear them shout
All the girls was singin’- lettin’ it all hang out
I love all the pretty women- dancing at my feet
Lord,give me a drink of cool water,cuz I cant stand the heat
( Chorus)
You got me burnin up- you got me burnin’ up
Kick that thermostat and turn it up
Stand in that muddy water and churn it up, yeah
I think it was about 11 oclock in the morning
It was startin to get way too hot. She was tabletop dancing,shakin all she got
A little closer to midnight. She got a little way too wild
My legs was achin’ for that woman, child !
(Repeat chorus) then Solo
Just about 2 oclock in the mornin’- They started to close the place down
Me and baby was playin’- that soul,slow down.
I love you pretty woman- dancing at my feet
Lord-give me a drink of cool water,cuz I can’t stand the heat
( Chrous) then out