1. Chain of Blues
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I got this chain,around my heart-
I just can’t tell you,just how it starts
Can’t explain why it does what it do-
Got this heart wrapped up-In this chain of blues.
Sometimes I’m happy- sometimes I’m sad
It’s like the best woman,I ever had
I know there was some good times baby,they weren’t all bad
Got this heart wrapped up in this chain of blues.
(chorus)Sometimes it’s hard to love a woman
You don’t know where you’re going or comin’
Can’t really explain, but I hate to lose baby
It’s like being another link in your- chain of fools,yeah yeah
(Bridge with solo)
I got this,this chain of blues
Cant stop the rain- this chain of blues
Cant stop the pain- this chain of blues
Cant stop this chain- this chain of blues
(repeat chorus) then last verse
I had some bad luck,with a girl or two
Keeps bringin’ me back-straight back to you
I don’t know all the ways of love but it know they’re all true
Got myself wrapped up-in this chain of blues