1. Not Ashamed
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Not Ashamed- lyrics- Larry Wimmer
I’ve been callin’- all night baby-what good is your number anyway
It hurts my knees from crawlin back to you-don’t you throw this love away
Out on the streets,you act like you don’t know me-but you know it’s not that way
Too many nights, we were lovers-not ashamed to say
(bridge) All my friends,they tell me you was cruel-but they don’t know you,like I do
They keep on telling me,you’re doin’ me wrong
But they never had no good lovin-no good lovin’ gone wrong.
SOLO then Chorus
But out on them streets you still act like you don’t know me
But,baby, you know it’s not that way
You know a man got his pride,when he’s hurtin’ inside
Still I’m not ashamed to say it,not ashamed to say-ey-ey…