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Walked out the door this mornin’
couldn’t see it comin’- no kinda warnin’
Just headed down that road-and kept on goin’
Had a hard time believin’- that you weren’t lyin’ or stealin’
But I guess it just don’t matter- any more.
(bridge)Tried to tell ya, I loved ya-at least ten times today.
Never sayin much of nothing- I wasn’t worth the time of day.
2nd verse- So hard to see the reasons, why she was everything I needed
I didn’t just need a woman- what I needed was real love
But it don’t really matter,cause I got me a real good woman
She wakes up every morning’ with a real good man.
(Repeat Chorus) then (SOLO)
(Special chorus that ends song)
Tried to tell you I loved ya- but you hurt my pride today
You put a good thing down and let it- slip away
Tried to tell ya I loved ya-at least- ten times today