1. Ready For You

From the recording Short and Sweet

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1)Long hair and faded jeans, just swayin’ in the breeze
Sure nuff bring a good man-right down to his knees
Later on tonite is just when, im gonna tell her I love her
But words don’t mean nothin’
2) Called her up and she said,” I’ll be home about 10
Gonna see that girl of mine, just about then
She’s so fine- im gonna show her- all my good lovin’
aint she something
(chorus) you know im ready- rock steady baby
You know im ready- rock steady for you.
3)I walked right in, she said, sit right down and I’ll be right back
Wearin’ nothin’ but that diamond ring and pearls around her neck
She’s alright- so fine baby, yeah, im gonna make that girl mine.
(Chorus twice then out.)