1. Remind Me
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Remind me-lyrics- larry wimmer- (song starts with chorus)
If- I- ever- lose my way- comin’ home to you baby- I just have to say
Remind me- to stop being a fool- if I ever- stop lovin’ you.
1) I couldn’t run- couldn’t run too fast
Couldn’t let go baby-of all of the loves in my past
With a love so strong, you proved me wrong
And now I know one thing. Only real love lasts
( bridge)I thought I had it all in the palm of my hand
Searchin’ for somethin’- couldn’t understand
Why was I searchin to the left and right of me
When the whole time baby,you were standin- right in front of me
Repeat bridge
2) I stand convicted,in the first degree- of lovin’ this woman,who’s crazy about me
She does it right, all day & nite- now I know,it’s the best that it can be
(chorus) then out