As most of you know, I'm an old school R&B, bluesy kind of singer/songwriter. In the last few months, my friend Herb Eimerman and I have taken on a fun challenge to co-write a British-styled pop song, more in the vein that Herb writes. Quite a departure for me !  We recently finished it at JR Studios in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin and we will releasing it as a free download to everyone . I hope you all like it. We certainly had fun writing and recording it.  It's called, "Just Wait........Enjoy !




July 18th

Yes it was a hot one, for sure, but it was all worth it. Especially when you have so many friends and fans come to our show. Thank you, City of Antioch for the opportunity to play at your event and for providing us with such a great facility, fans to keep us cool and lots of WATER . To my bandmates, the wonderful staff  who helped us on stage and the sound engineers who did a fantastic job.  And a big thank you to the great crowd for their kindness. They made our day !




July 12th

We had a great audience at Waukegan's Scoop the Loop  2019.

What an unbelievable crowd. Thanks to all you for your kindness !